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Luxurious rental tent

Luxurious rental tent

Max. 6 persons


A spacious 6 man tent that is fully equipped and has three roomy sleeping compartments. In this luxury bungalow tent, the living and sleeping areas are separated by a dividing curtain. There is a kitchen area with a ventilation window and protective flap on the outside.
You need to take your own bed and kitchen linen, pillows, sleeping bags or duvets.

Domestic pets are allowed in a limited number of tents.


  • Max. 6 persons
  • WiFi present
  • amount of bedrooms: 2
  • Luifel aanwezig
  • smoking not allowed
  • Pets only on Veldhuizen

Availability & booking

First choose your day of arrival, afterwards you can chose the day of departure.

  Not available


Luxurious rental tent

Prices shown are based on two persons!
Marquee / Umbrella available
2 cabins
Both cabins can be divided into two cabins by means of a curtain.
Partially roll-up front
Pets allowed in tents on Veldhuizen

1 coffee maker
1 tray
1 vacuum flask for tea
1 colander
1 kettle
1 bottle opener
1 tin opener
1 chopping board
1 washing up bowl
1 washing up brush
1 broom
1 bucket
1 clothes drying rack
1 mirror
10 clothes hangers
1 dustpan and brush
1 rubbish bin
1 jerry can
1 shopping basket
1 rubbish bin
1 heater
1 fridge with deep freeze compartment
1 table
6 chairs
1 3-burner gas ring with gas cylinder
1 doormat
1 walk-in mat
2 plastic containers

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