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Play on the campsites

On almost all fields you will find a nice playground. Berkenheuvel has a nice, colorful climbing house with sand. The Stoevert has a simple cottage for the youngest. Ganzenpoel has a beautiful slide. And the Bokkenleegte has a water playground and a small sandbox.

Is it bad weather? No problem!
You can also play inside!
You can also play in the center building, where the cafeteria is located. There is a 4-story playcage high. When you climb all the way, you come out with a slide on the play loft, which can also be reached by a staircase for the big children. There are also giant lego blocks, the X-box kinect and the Eyeplay on the play-solder. In addition you will find another football table, an air hockey and a pool table.

Klauterbos and playing field

Next to our cafeteria is a large playground and the klauterbos. The playing field includes a volleyball net, the Sutu football wall and a big climbing network. The playground is also widely used with the recreation program. The klauter forest is set against the playing field and is 37 meters long. You can climb there endlessly, climb and rock. There is also a cable car.

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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