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Kom gamen en bewegen bij de Reeenwissel! Op de Reeënwissel zijn gratis drie active games beschikbaar.

Only on the Reeenwissel, Active gaming

Active gaming combines the experience of gaming with moving. There are free three active games available on the Exchange. Outside is the interactive football wall Sutu. Inside the "active game attic" the "Eyeplay" is an interactive game floor and the X-box Kinect. So also with bad weather you can enjoy and play at Camping de Reeënwissel.

The Sutu

The interactive Sutu is a football wall with 16 LED panels that respond when they get hit. The Sutu encourages children to actively play outside, rather than hanging behind the computer. Volksport number 1 combined with the youth's perception of life combines the positive points of gaming (tension, leveling, competition) with all the good outdoors playing (social development, healthy movement, involvement neighborhood).

The interactive game floor "Eyeplay"

De Eyeplay is an interactive game floor. Children can do a variety of different games on the floor through a projection. As a result, children can play for hours and move without having to be bored for a moment

 X-box kinect, active game computer

The X-box kinect is an interactive gaming computer. You are in front of the big screen and the game responds to your body movements. You're the controller!
Gamen without controller means joining your entire body. Kinect responds to every move you make. So just kick if you have to kick. And jump if you have to jump. You already know how to play.
There are various games available at the Reeenwissel.

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